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IBC Stockholmcharters general terms.
Terms for rental, payment, security and general condition applies to
agreements entered with IBC Stockholmcharter.
The following terms are considered to be accepted, approved and understood
by a customer who booking charter through us.
Booking is binding if made on the website, email, internet, phone or otherwise.

All vessel skippers and staff have the necessary competence for the ship's size and purpose. Shipowners liability under Swedish and international law. All boats are equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as lifejackets, fire extinguishers, fire blanket, lifelines, first aid packets etc.

Captain and the host / hostess has required registered nautical skills. Time is always charged from home port and return to home port. Ingestion: Extra waiting or cruisingtime are charge extra per started hour.

When reservation, written, email or otherwise are announced us, then have customer considered to have taken note of and accepted the IBC Stockholmscharters general terms and conditions.

Chartertime is always charged from boats home port and return to home port. Each boat has maximized certification for the number of passengers, you can not ever exceed this numer of passanger. It may never occur more boarding (people) than stipulated in agreements and the confirmations. If the number of passenger is exceeded, the yacht will not leave port.

Time exceeding the booked time also waiting time will be charged per started hour according to the current pricelist.

Payment terms 10 days after booking when the charter date is 14 days or more foreward in time.
Terms of payment 5 days after booking when the charter date is 7-13 days foreward in time. 

Direct bank transfer from bank account to bank account or "Swish" when the charter date is 1 to 5 days faramåt in time. 
It will be charged an administration fee of + 3% on top of the full amount if payment is made by card or by swish.
Charter hire invoiced in advance and must unconditionally be paid to our banks clientaccount and must be visible to our bank before departure. Captain or hostess on the yacht can receive the charter fee in cash before departure.

Cancellation conditions
If canceled up to 0-60 days will be charged 100% of charter rent. 
Cancellation 61-89 days charged 50% of charter rent. 
Cancellation 90 days or more charged 15% of charter rent.
Cancellation of food & beverages the ship / chef's cancellation policy applies. Charter fee that entitle a refund in case of cancellation, is sitting on a secured client account until charter departs.

Once the booking has been made, the binding and the conditions are agreed and accepted.

All consumption in addition to prepaid payment is paid in cash or by card on board.

Taxes and Vat: 6% on charterfees, 12% food and 25% alcohol.

The vessel can always be rented out to another customer immediately after a cancellation. Earlier booked customer can not claim no refund any charter fees or charges other than stipulated in this terms and conditions.

The ship's owner, captain or booking company is entitled and has full right to cancel the booked charter and boat untill the same day of departure, because failure of the vessel, weather problems, disease, etc.

The customer have rights to 100% refund of payed charterfee. No other compensation can not be requested by the organizers, booking companies, agents, final customer or similar. If replacement boat is inserted instead of the booked boat, no compensation will be refunded.

Repayment is made with 50 % of the cherterfee for a time break in the journey takes place and more than half the time is wasted because of vessel problem, damage, or other mechanical causes. If replacement boat is substituted instead of the booked boat, no compensation will be refunded.

Repayment can not be claimed with Force Majure or in situations where captain is obliged to deviate from the planned route with reference to safety and traffic regulations under existing laws and danger situations or situations arise as not shipowners, captains, brokers, agents etc. are beyond the ability to control.

Tennants may be required to pay for extra cleaning, carpeting, cleaning of toilets or clogged toilet due to prohibited waste or other damage caused by tenants or their guests aboard. Tenants are fully responsible for their own and their guests movements on board.

Full payment obligation applies and the entire charter fee for ship and ingestions will be required in arrears, even if the charter is not carried out due to payment not received before departure or too many passengers attempting to board the ship or that the customer or guests not arrive within the agreed time or passengers are considered to be unsuitable and are safety risk for themselves or other persons.

Insurance: The vessels and owners of the vessels are insured according to current regulations. Personal insurance is available on vessels over 15 meter up to 5 million dollar. There is no personal insurance on ships rented as a bareboat, only personal insurance may apply if available.

In case of disputes: Disputes are settled in Swedish court. Boat owner, (not IBC) are part in the event of incidents or disputes. Any legal disputes disputes shall be resolved by the Stockholm sistrict court.

What is APA?
The charter fee generally covers only the hire of the yacht and crew,
all other expenses are in addition to the charter fee.
These additional expenses are covered by the Advance Provisioning Allowance.
The APA is usually 30%-35% of the charter fee when the time exceeds 4 hour cruising.
The APA covers the cost of fuel, food, wines and liquors, dockage, communications, etc.
Untapped A.P. refunded afterwards.
If the cost exceeds pre-paid APA example: cruising more than announced, exclusive drinks, additional port charges etc
the requirement that compensation be paid before you can disembark the boat. This is rare, but you have to be aware of this.


IBC Intnational Boat Charter & Stockholmscharter
(charterbåtarna) Strandvägskajen 14-23 Stockholm
+46 (0) 708 600 930 – Offert Kontakt.